Vinayak Inn Hotel

Veg plate from ₹ 199

1 indoor space 140 ppl

7 No. Chohoraya, Jagatpura, Rohini Nagar, Vidhyadhar Nagar, Keshar Vihar, Jaipur
+91 98877 00043
+91 73398 84080
banquet hall

Vinayak Inn Hotel - venue in Jaipur

Special features

Cuisine vegetarian
Decoration policy Outside decorator only
Payment methods Cash, Bank transfer, Credit/debit card
Special features Wi-Fi / Internet, Stage, Projector, TV screens, Bathroom
Private parking for 50 cars
Alcohol service
You cannot bring your own alcohol
DJ is not provided by the venue
No guest rooms
Seating capacity 140 people
Type Indoor space
Possible to rent without food
Price per plate, veg from ₹ 199/person
Air Conditioner